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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 16, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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good question. maybe i want lighter something than isis and ebola to talk about. it's an escape. who doesn't need that? that's my off-the-record comment. see you tomorrow. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" jeremy pif ven caught on tape huh ray ising a laundry basket. it is the footage you won't see on tmz. and why does the president want to install a stripper pole in the white house? >> he wants to do it because he wants to make sure he will take advantage of it. >> and attacked by an army of barefoot killers. we will investigate why anyone would want to harm the delicious fruit. >> now let's welcome our guests. she puts a foot in her mouth more often than jeffrey
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domer. was that say -- satanic? >> yes. >> and it is joanne know saw chin key -- nosuchunsky. and it is tv's andy levy. and his magazines were respawnable for more used tissues than the movie "beaches." sitting next to me is dan boba and the scout media editor-in-chief. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> will the hazmat be a must have? halloween is coming up in roughly eight to 16 weeks and already there is talk about ebola-themed costumes. is it too soon to put on fake protective suits and respirators? or pretend to be ebola zombies or bloody patients? they say they considered making duds related to the
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disease, but they decided it would cross the line. another on-line store, however, didn't have the same qualms, whatever that is. they are selling an ebola containment suit costumes for $79.99. the product description says, quote, you are sure to be prepared in any outbreak if any outbreak happens at your halloween party. this will literally be most viral costumes of the year. oh clever. while they joke, i am not taking any chances. i have already -- already have my own protective suit. >> the inside is filled with kittens and i let them run wild. is it too soon for ebola costumes? people like this stuff because it is contemporary, but is it right?
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>> since i am a good barometer for what is tasteless and crass, this is a bad idea. this is right up there with dressing as a genital wart. although you can't dress like a genital wart as one person. it is more like a group costumes. >> i'm sure you read about that on web md and it was not a personal experience. will this cause unease? people were degreing up as terrorists and i don't think that was a wise thing to do. >> it was so funny. >> i do think it is too soon and you should wait until thanksgiving to wear the ebola is could stiewms. costumes. i am so freaked out i wouldn't want to talk about a costumes that said it and i don't want to talk about it. i want purell and want to leave right now. >> are you panicking? are you concerned? are you worried the government isn't doing enough? we need a guest tomorrow on any one of our shows. >> yes, no, yes, yes, no.
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>> do you think because of the ebola outbreak president obama should be impeached? >> absolutely. it is his fault. >> he will get you on "hannity" and" outnumbered." i kid those other shows. i love them both. sometime too much. do you think a lot of people will have ebola-themed costumes or will they degree up as a sexy unwashed hobo? >> if they do chew it, just choosing the ebola costumes is easy. i would like it to be a little more creative. how about sexy hazmat suit. show a little skin and you are really exposed. i feel like hazmat would be a comfortable costumes. but it is the worst costumes for a halloween party because you can't eat or drink or go to the bathroom. >> you can go to the bathroom. >> i can see the mimi on twitter, i can hazmat. >> a lot of older people won't
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get that joke. we are hip though. we are into the social networking. andy, why don't you make a compromise here. why don't you dress up as the bubonic plague which killed 25 million people, but is it was in the 14th century and won't offend everybody. >> people are not dressing up is a ebola. you are paying tribute to the brave americans who are on the front lines of fighting this horrific disease. anyone opposed to this is unpatriotic and probably likes isis. i am shocked people are outraged about a halloween costumes. this never happens every single year. >> that is so true. last year we did the story about the british girl who were degreed a twin towers. remember? i think we did that story. >> for $79.99 the thing better work. >> that's right. a real hazmat suit is $11. no, it. we checked on amazon.
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>> i don't think it is a level four bio suit. >> it is one of those suits you you to clean up your attic and clean the raccoon debris. >> how did you know about that? >> i own one. >> you own a raccoon? >> we found like four or five garbage bags full of raccoon poop. it was obviously from raccoons. it is funny. i didn't throw it out. i made a. big pile and i hang out and watch the game. before i go a female passenger wore a hazmat suit at dulles airport. i don't know why. can we see this? i am going to ask you, dan, bough you seem the most paranoid. >> is she wearing a suit or garbage bag? it is hard to tell. it is like a recycling bag. >> maybe this isn't a good question. it is a stupid question. >> maybe she was getting ready
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for an early halloween. why do adults dress up for halloween? >> that is the question. halloween is not for adults. if you make a big deal out of it, there is something going on, joanne. >> i agree. i don't degree up for halloween. i don't dress up for halloween. i take the laziest approach. it is the people who spend the money and get all jazzed is what freaks me out. >> i would like morticia adams 365 days a year. >> i look like cousin it a lot of the time. >> i love cousin it. >> it doesn't look good on you. >> where did this story go? the be way to -- the best way to experience halloween is sitting at home with your light on and then waiting for the kids to get right up to the step and then turn the lights off. you have to do the whole walk and they know you are home. and you don't even bother. you just walk around the house
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eating candy. >> do you have to go through your building and knock on all of the doors and explain to the parents why kids are not allowed to come to your apartment? >> no, there is a sign there. >> speaking of sign, this does president -- this doesn't work, but putting the bucket out with the take one sign, it doesn't work. >> i did that and they were gone within an hour which is funny because they were all spiked. >> that one kid had diarrhea for 17 months. and never seen a razor blade. i want somebody to mail me an actual medical thing about a kid. that was everybody's fear and it never, ever happened. >> or mail him a razor blade. >> they are expensive. you go to walgreens and they are like $700. maybe the muslims have something going with the beard and also their burka which is like a hazmat. they are is l totally immune
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to ebola and don't have to shave. >> wow. >> thank you. on that note let's go to the next story. their power turned sour. pro tears didn't like madison gas and the new rate structure saying it disincenti viesed the renewable energy. and to show how great the renewable sources are they brought a coal plant that was meant to be kept inflated by a fan powered by a solar panel and backed up by batteries that were charged with wind power. one guesses what happens next. >> chapting coal has got to go, the blow up coal plant unfortunately collapsed because the batteries ran out of power and the solar panel did not create enough energy to power it. >> and it get better. >> the same protesters that opposed mg and e for not using maury newable energy admitted they would plug the fan into a
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gas-powered generator or outlet that would be powered by a reliable electricity source. >> this is the first time we have ever done it. >> or they hook it up to an electric outlet and you can keep it running continue with youly. continuously. >> they you nonrenewable -- nonrenewable sources of energy. or they plug it into the or they plug it into the wall. energy, here is how andy levy powers up his apartment. andy, that is enough to get your norelco charged. >> you laugh, but, sandy, i had no problems at all. people were coming over my place to use the frige. >> actually to use the norelco. dan, will you join me laughing hysterically at these stupid
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hippies? >> where do you get an inflatable coal plant first of all? that would make a great halloween costumes. i love that guy, this has never happened before. you feel like maybe he has said that before. >> most men do. >> it is really an analogy to that when things go like this. well, never mind. it happens when you are with -- well any sex for that matter. kind of an appropriate way to go, don't you expect this to happen with bad energy? >> they didn't do the output math on the needs of the fans to blow the thing up. there is not a woman in sight. hello? who do you go to when you want to keep something inflated in a loft. >> that's an i have interesting point. >> i feel like there are
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references that i am not understanding. >> ignore them. they are renewable energy pro tears. >> -- protesters. >> i want to be charitable. what their demonstration showed is that we need more incentives to better develop things like solar and wind power. >> it makes you think. >> it does. >> when he says it makes you think, joanne, does it make you think? >> this is my thinking face. >> wow, that is a good thinking face. >> usually he says one big word and i am trying to figure out the definition of that word. >> incentive? >> women are good at inflating things? >> i want to go back to joanne. what would your message be? >> are you saying women aren't good at that.
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>> at fox? >> that's what happens. what did you expect? i didn't think madison gas and electric is doing anything to disincenti advise people from using renewable energy. they pro tears have done it all on -- these protestors have done it all on their own by saying the renewable energy is not as effective as they would like it to be. do i like the idea? yes. it is not very affordable, effective or practical in situations like this. >> there you go. >> they need, i don't know, better flotation devices? >> it is ironic, as sheryl crowe would say, that they people are against coal, and yet they dug themselves a hole. >> very good, very good. yeepg the failure -- i don't think the failure can change their minds. >> they are as up and coming as andy levy is down and going. "time" the magazine and not
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the measurement of existence. making the cut baseball pitcher monet davis and lorde, , kickass actress chloe clarette and the spawn of jayden and -- will will and jada smith. they need guidance and i know jo the person who can help them. >> welcome to teen corner with your fly host, the notorious gg. my mall tour kicks off this saturday in ceder rapids. i will be at the piercing pagoda from noon until they escort me out. now a letter from one of my fans. this is from someone in
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missouri. dear greg, my parents dropped me off at the port authority with my clothes and a swimsuit. i was also able to steal the pad. all right, andy, you do a lot of work with teens. i feel bad for the ones who didn't make the cut. >> yeah, how do you tell somebody they didn't make the cut. they won this. they deserve it. >> but this generation that is not used to having winners and losers. you are supposed to get a participation trophy. >> i think it is bad that the -- what is her name? the nobel prize winner. malala. i think it is embarrassing malala is on the same list as could ily and kendal generaller. she doesn't have neither own show. i jay -- >> she was a nobel prize winner and shot in the head going school. she is the only person -- she is a pretty amazing person. thanks for making it serious,
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andy. i want to go to joanne, are you upset it is another con tee you aged out of -- contest you aged out of? >> it is like a popularity contest. i thought schools are getting rid of those. >> do you have dinosaur hands? >> they are influential, all of them. even the jenners, the k-k k-k-jenners. they are influential. not saying it is a positive influence, but their reach is huge. >> does it bother you that teens can be so much younger and can achieve so much more than you ever will, ever? >> as a 13-year-old i am alarmed that i am not on the lie because i feel i have accomplished a lot. >> you have the aging disease, don't you? >> it is a weird thing.
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i think this thing is a little weird. i don't like celebrating teens. i don't like celebrating anyone. one of the things they say the kardashians or the jenners? what are they? >> the jenners. >> they have their own line of nail polish and wrote a distope yen ya novel. are there any ya novels not distopian and why does everybody have such a frowny face about the future. >> i don't tbet it. >> i don't know. here is my feeling. i laughed at the list and then i say young people are now more powerful than ever. they basically control all commerce. if some toy is popular it drives the economy. it is like the american girl thing i can't even get in line for anymore. >> i can't even say it.
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>> if you can't say it, it should never be said. >> i was shocked "time" magazine still exists. that was my first take away. the jenner twins i am slightly fascinated with. at what age will they keep -- will they make sex tapes to keep the train rolling. and which will look more feminine like their dad. >> i think "time" magazine is trying to come up with something every week where they have a lie. where did they come up with that, dan? your magazines. >> we should do a list of a list. >> cage match between all of them. i want to see blood. >> i will say this. there was some good people on there. there were very good people. >> malala.
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>> there was a good person. >> the really good ones weren't at all mentioned because not as many people know who they are. coming up, we finally get two hairy cater pillars on the show. too bad they are on his face. how do you like your egg? hard [boiled|bodily], -- hard boiled, or frozen?
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do you raise your worth while putting off birth? facebook and apple, whatever they are have announced they will cover the cost of egg freezing treatment for female employees who want to delay having a baby in favor of advancing their career. the procedure currently costs about $10,000 or what chip spends on a haircut or $5,000
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for egg storage. where do they keep them? i think it is at albert -- albertsons. i think it is the freezer section. imagine a world where life isn't dictated by a biological clock. if a 25-year-old banks her eggs and 35-year-old is up for promotion she can go for it it without worrying about missing out on a baby. she can also hold out for the man or women -- woman of her dreams? why not have both? i may not even do the story anymore. is this a great movie to attract career driven women? >> i love the idea. do you get free sperm too? >> come on, you work at apple? >> is it expensive to find sperm? i know where you can get some. >> you have a cup and a big smile on your face. >> i don't think that's science. >> i'm serious.
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you want to lure really talented women? steve jobs' sperm. >> that's interesting. >> mark zuckerburg, not so much. but steve jobs had a look. >> and a lot of sperm. >> can we get back on track, dan? you know as a working woman that having kids in a high powered career is tough. is this a good solution? will more companies follow suit? >> i say go for it. being a parent is horrible and exhausting at any age. you can do it at 25 and 35 and 45. it will suck. >> you are making a good point. at 25 you may have more energy than you would at 35. i told andy this many times. i am waiting until i am 70. and then when my kids are 10 to 15 they can change me, but they won't get money until they are 18 so they have no
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choice but treat me regalley or i will write them out of the will. i created a group of young slaves that will take care of my whatnot. >> so it is no different than now? >> that's how it works. basically they will not expect knee to play ball. i will be feeble and drunk. >> again, no different. >> would you consider dhog as an employee. >> i feel like is a a woman i am supposed to applaud this. i think it is a perm decision. young it -- i think it should be at the expense of the woman. where does it end? you are opening a can of something. should they then pay for dinner if you don't make it home? should they pay for the sitter if you are working late. i want to lean in, but not so far i lose my balance. see what i did there? >> did you pay for the bottle of wine before you pulled the
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turkey baster out? >> i mean, yeah, it is painful. >> this is an interesting discussion. we should have saved this for tomorrow. one is a crusty lawyer and the other is a detective. they switched bodies. andy, if that's your real name, would you consider doing this if your employer paid for it? >> honey, it is way too late for me. >> it is a shame. i told you this would happen. >> i should have thought of this 10 years ago. too late now. i am like you, joe anne, i have leaned in so much on this i am flat on my face. this is one of those happy times where something good for the company is good for the employee. >> is it good for the frozen baby? >> i will show you
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afterwards. after the show i will show you how this works. >> you know what i am thinking. you ever notice how food in the frige get freezer burn? >> it is a good thought. >> i went on a rudabega kick until the 80s. >> and it lasted until the 90s. >> are you on the cabbage soup diet? >> not anymore. you wouldn't be sitting next to me if i was. >> that was disgusting. >> i was like a big steam train. i could float over to the rockefeller center. >> you could have powered that coal bouncy castle. >> a one man carburetor. >> what about the people who don't want kids? do they get a bonus? >> they don't have to have them. >> that's true. >> you don't get maternity
12:28 am
leave if you don't have kids. >> and that is wrong. we should all be equal. >> that's right. i want child less leave. >> i think that's called vacation. >> it is personal time. i am glad we got through that. coming up, a few things i love most in the world guns and brad pitt. not necessarily in that order. first a word from our sponsor. >> personal exercises. they make you do all of the work. what you really need is a personal exerciser. they work out while you chill out. you are paying for their hot bod and take the credit. thanks personal exercises. exercisers.
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is that a since he was young? yes the gorgeous by accept rtz only guns brad pitt owns. pitt revealed the second amendment is first in his heart explaining, quote, there is a right of passage where i grew up of inhair tig your -- inheriting your ancestor's hair. i got my grandfather's shotgun in kindergarten. i got a blanket and a carton of milk and a rash.
12:33 am
he note his father gave him a profound and deep respect for guns. back in 2012, the actor admitted he doesn't feel the house is completely safe if i don't have a gun hidden somewhere. that's my thinking right or wrong. typical hollywood liberal. for more let's go to "red eye" live correspondent. >> just tip him over. >> it is great he got a video. >> been there. how old were you, and judging by your accent i would say a fetus? >> it was my great aunt's gun her husband gave to her when he went to fight in world war i.
12:34 am
later to moved to new york city in a duffel bag. >> that's illegal. >> i don't have it anymore. >> was is it working? did you keep it clean? >> yeah, i could shoot it and everything. i slept with it next to me on the bed. but this brad pitt thing though, i wonder if he role plays with angelina with the guns and stuff. you know what i mean? it always gets boring. i don't care what you look like. he is elmer fud and she is chicken hawk. >> angelina jolie doesn't strike me as somebody who is into freaky sex. >> dan, you look like you would be terrified of guns. where do you stand or tremble on this issue? >> i don't feel safe without a brad pitt in my house which is why i have one chained up in my basement. i think i would have a gun if i was married to angelina
12:35 am
jolie. she would terrify me. you don't know what is going to happen on any given day with her. >> she is a magical, wonderful person who does so much for charity. how dare you? >> i would take it all back. >> she might hear you say that. >> she tongue kissed her brother so you have a shot. >> that was years ago, mind you. >> i have a shot with her brother. >> that was because they were very close. >> joanne, does this make you love brad more or less? >> i haven't loved brad since he left jennifer high and dry for that skank, angelina. >> how can you call her that? >> aping lean -- angelina? >> yes. >> because she has jobs i want. jay at least you are honest. were you broken up? >> well, i don't know. i was so young, so yeah. it is refreshing to hear this from hollywood. we never do.
12:36 am
it is nice that he is telling his personal story, but i bet those mothers who demand action for guns are still watching benjamin button because who can stop? >> i think that movie was one of his worst ones. >> it is not that you can't stop, but it never ends. >> "interview with a vampire" was retch ched. >> i was trying to find the movies without guns and there aren't many. >> that's a good point actually. >> that's the point. it is not just seeing somebody in hollywood with guns, but someone who makes a living on a screen pretending to use guns and then not turn around and be anti-government. pitt and jolie, they have always been pretty independent. they don't fit in. >> he is a liberal and she is a right winger. i think they are actually smart people. >> i think so too. >> they make every man look hotter.
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>> i don't like the way he said where i come from we inherit my ancestor's weapons. you are not native american. >> what was that voice? >> it is a right. >> i was imagine clear transformed. -- i was magically transformed. >> i it will carry your clubs and hopefully never beat you with them. it luggs your bag around the course. wired magazine says it is part of a growing trend of machines that tail you with your permission, they claim. for instance drones come with a follow me mode and when equiped with a camera can provide a bird's eye view selfie. and the robot assistant serves as a pack mule robot stalkers are here and they just want to help us and not murder you. that comes later. will robot stalkers be as
12:38 am
capable as the ones like you? >> the robots are all over the place and who is cleaning up the robo-crap? >> there will be robot fixer uppers. >> then my question is answered. i support my robo over lord. >> i was prepared for that. should we be programming robots to follow us? they could not get rid of brenner. >> i don't know what the purpose of having -- are you okay? >> all right. richard benjamin. >> what is the purpose in having a robot follow you around? you can't abuse it and make it feel bad. >> amen, sista.
12:39 am
>> he could be an android. we have to see if he has a bell looy button. >> it is not pretty. it is like one of those european outlets. i don't know where i am. we are forcing robots to carry our golf clubs. that will just make them recent us. rich humans. >> we keep making machines do manual labor. there will be a robot and rosa parks. it never ends well. is that a bird in britain? everyone in evening land has a bugie. what is a bugie? >> it is a word for a bird i guess don't ask me these questions. >> are you concerned about robot stalkers?
12:40 am
not in new york city. i can get rid of it easily if i walk into the bike lane. >> that's so true. >> with the last image there was a rope attached to the robot and he was walking it along. what is different than that? get your own thing on wheels and pull it along behind you if you want it to carry your stuff. >> exactly. >> they are so cute. >> they are able. >> they are able. you know what i want to say before we go, robots will become status symbols very soon. they will replace the little dog. when you have your luggage behind you, it will be -- the first thing you see in "us weekly" or" tmz" they will have their luggage coming by you and then it will be like a car. it will be designer. >> martha stewart, the drones not even [bleep].
12:41 am
>> on that note -- i don't even know what she said. joanne goes to comic-con. order it,
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well, it was a gathering of people who don't get enough sunlight. it was new york comic-con, the annual convention for comics,
12:45 am
movies, toys. we sent the resident comic-con virgin, joanne nosuchunsky out to learn more. show probably threw up on an ewok. >> i am here at comic-con. and like all girls, i am paid to be here. this is very exciting. i am here with hue -- hugh jackman are you excited to be here? >> yes, i i am looking for my brother victor. >> i loved new "oklahoma." >> who are you wear ?g what does that mean? >> i am here with vampire elvis when can we expect your next album? >> tomorrow actually. i have been working on it for -- since last comic-con.
12:46 am
>> what happened to your sleeve? >> it was torn off in a jedi attack. >> you survived? >> i am a survivor. >> so is beyonce. jay very exciting i am here with john boehner. john, what should we do about isis? i agree. is comic son a good place to meet men? that's a no. maybe at the subway down the street? >> also probably a no. >> i am hungry. i may still go there. >> i am here with my ladies. who is the samantha of the group? >> what does that mean? >> the samantha? >> i i think i am more of a charlotte. >> you can be all of them. >> that's a wig? >> it looks so natural. >> and i am wondering why you two didn't dress up. >> we are here with ben affleck. thank you so much for coming to comic-con. everybody is stoping trying to
12:47 am
get your autograph. are you overwhelmed? >> yes, i am. >> wow, you are. greg, what are you doing here? i told you you didn't have to come. who are you wearing? stop wasting your breath. all right. i am looking for a boyfriend. is comic-con a good place to find one? >> you can't be sure what you are going to get when you get the costumes off. i see. you never know what is wrapped up in that package. we are here with burlap sack man. did i get that name right? >> no, scare crow. >> i thought scare crows can't talk. or laugh. i don't know why you are laughing. i myself am a comic-con virgin. do you have any tips for me? >> buy my album. it is very pleasing to the ear. >> i am no longer a comic-con
12:48 am
virgin, but there are plenty left inside. what did i learn? you don't pay me enough. >> that was mean. we call them virgins, joanne, but we don't know that. >> they were virginal experiencing me. >> what was the worst thing you saw there. >> the worst thing? a lot of tall people. it doesn't sound bad, but i felt very overwhelmed. >> by the tall people? >> i felt short all day. >> welcome to my life. >> i think they were frightened of me, but everyone was nice. >> what was the best costumes you saw? >> the best costumes -- i didn't know what any of them were to be honest. the ones where no flesh were showing were my favorite because i wasn't uncomfortable. >> did anyone recognize you? >> one person. as soon as i walked in i
12:49 am
thought oh my gosh this is going to happen all day. the only person. >> that was bill schulz. >> andy, you didn't go. expwhrie i went on saturday. joe was there on friday and i went on saturday. they did not like you. i would like to say they didn't like the virgin jokes. they don't like your don't get enough sunlight jokes. they told me to tell you [bleep] y'all. >> what did you dress up as? >> i dressed as the one cool guy there. nobody recognized me. >> do you have a video of animals ? send them to us. the conference call.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. on fox news radio at 11:00 a.m. eastern. next "red eye" we've got -- check this out, we've got mike baker and allen dirschwitz. >> they gave hopps to tots to
12:54 am
get kids hooked on sugary drinks. they swapped soda and lemonade. the idea was to give youngsters three to 15 a week brew. it is what a test run in one school and 75% of students say they prefer the beer to soda. parents balked -- how do you balk? the anti-childhood obesity scheme be scraped? should we bring it back? probably not. it wouldn't work is a well as what we are doing now. >> turn up for what 1234. ♪ >> i love that song. dan, do you wish beer was an option when you were in grade school? >> i love the guy who came up with this idea. guys i drank beer when i was a kid and i was fine. no, you didn't, actually. you are the guy trying to give beer to 3-year-olds. you didn't turn out fine. >> i think it is a great idea.
12:55 am
greatest country ever. >> and now people would know what the hell belgian is if they actually gave the kids booze. three is a little old to start. >> it is because you start with booze early and you don't treat it as something cool to do. right, joanne? you were drunk. >> i am all for this. it is lower in sugar and calories than lemonade or soda. it has soluable fiber and those are all things a kid needs. if you introduce it young it becomes part of the meal and it becomes part of the lifestyle. we don't have the binge drinking and the negative health affects from that. >> somebody did their homework today. >> while drinking a beer. >> what is worse a dependancy on alcohol or a dependancy on cats. maybe if you had cats when you were younger you wouldn't have cat now and it wouldn't be destroying your life. >> i had a dog when i was
12:56 am
younger. >> what happened? >> he died. >> sorry i brought that up. >> cats die. >> that's the beauty of having cats. >> they just leave. >> a dependancy on alcohol and a dependancy on cats. i am embarrassed to play that. how did a school get con vined to try a plan that was come up with by a beer society? how does that happen? that is unreal. >> it is beautiful. >> like you sed, dan, like this guy said, i started drinking beer and i am fine. you are the president of a beer society. that's your life. >> it is a pro feeing. >> they were sneaking outside the juice box. >> in case you missed that joke. they were thinking outside the juice box. >> one more time.
12:57 am
>> no, that's all right. >> i am happier when you missed it. great job, andy levy and joanne nosuchunsky. i will see you next time.
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the o'reilly factor is onment tonight. >> a second healthcare worker at texas presbyterian hospital has preliminarily tested positive for ebola. >> more bad news on ebola. this time an infected american flew on a u.s. jet liner after she columbus blue jacketed the disease. we'll continue our reporting on this awful situation. >> if we isolate these countries. what's not going to happen is disease staying there. it's going to spread more all over africa and we will be at higher risk. >> once again the head of the cdc makes no sense at all in imposing a travel ban from west africa. we have a follow-up tonight. also ahead, glenn beck, dennis miller and our true